New for the 2020-21 School Year: Periodic At Home Testing

Following the interruption of schooling due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, schools may not have been able to offer a spring 2020 administration. Going into the 2020-2021 academic year, standard-based measures of student achievement are needed more than ever. Because learning gains (or losses) during the shutdown period are expected to vary considerably student-to-student, measures of student achievement are particularly important heading into 2020-2021. Fall test scores reflect the net impact of learning that occurred through 2019-2020, summer learning loss and additional loss caused by the school shutdowns, and any positive effects of shutdown mitigation efforts (such as online learning or starting school early in the fall). 

Resources to Administer ACT Aspire

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Getting Started with ACT Aspire

We encourage you to learn more about the value of delivering ACT Aspire assessments by completing our information request form. Upon completing the request, an ACT representative will reach out to you to discuss the program.

With both summative and periodic assessments available, ACT Aspire can be administered in a number of ways to meet the needs of your students. Special “bundled” pricing is available when the summative and periodic assessments are purchased together.

ACT Aspire Periodic $10.00 per student
Summative Online Testing $25.00 per student
Summative Paper Testing $31.00 per student
Summative Options Printed Individual Student Reports: $1.50
Printed Individual Score Labels: $0.50
Summative Order 400-1,000 students: $1.00 off/Student
Order over 1,000 students: $2.00 off/Student
When Summative and Periodic ordered during same school year: $2.00 off/Student (applied to Summative)

Two test windows are available for ACT Aspire Summative testing each year: One window in the fall and one window in the spring. The ACT Aspire Summative assessment is a computer-delivered test. However, it can be delivered via paper-and-pencil testing for an additional fee. The periodic assessments are CBT only.

Test Session Agreement Deadline Testing Window
Aspire Periodic 2020-2021 NA Sept 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021
ACT Aspire Summative Fall 2020 October 9, 2020 Sept 1, 2020 - Nov 20, 2020
ACT Aspire Summative Spring 2021 April 9, 2021 March 29, 2021 - May 21, 2021

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