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College and Career Readiness

The ACT Test

The ACT® test is the leading US admissions test, measuring what students learn in high school to determine academic readiness for college.

ACT Back to School Digital Resource Kit

ACT Global Academy 2019

November 4-8 | Iowa City, Iowa, U.S.

Join us in Iowa City to learn about current issues in the fields of assessment and learning from ACT’s world renowned researchers and subject matter experts.

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Need University and Test Prep Tips?

ACT Club is the official place to find everything you need for your ACT test and your journey to university. Each ACT Club provides local and regional resources, tips, and events that are relevant to your area of the world. 

Prepare for Study at English-Speaking Universities Around the World

Our International Partners help us deliver the English Language Programs (ELP), and the Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) Program to help international students prepare for study at English-speaking universities around the world.

English Language Programs (ELP)

For learners from a non-English speaking background who wish to learn how to use English effectively in both general and academic contexts.

Global Assessment Certificate (GAC)

An internationally recognized university preparation program for students who do not have English as their first language.

Workforce and Career Readiness

ACT Stack

A Comprehensive Platform for Employers to Validate Skills

Developed through a revolutionary partnership between ACT® and Aspiring Minds, ACT Stack unlocks the ability for team members to demonstrate the critical skills required to be successful at your organization or determine areas for growth.

Higher Education Recruitment and Enrollment Management