Ignite Student Confidence and Success with New ACT Test Options!

Coming September 2020

Beginning this September, Students Get More Options with the ACT Test

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Introducing Section Retesting, Superscoring, and Faster Results with Online Testing 

Get Acquainted with the Updates, Arriving September 2020

More choices, a better experience, and greater confidence. It’s all happening this September.

Section Retesting

Retake one specific test section rather than the full test.

Save time. Focus on what matters. Starting September 2020, ACT Single-section retesting will be available for all students who have taken the full ACT test®.


Keep your best single-section scores from each attempt.

Take the best from each test. With ACT Superscoring, students can submit the average of their highest section scores for college admission and scholarship purposes.

Faster Results with Online Testing

Test online and get results in as little as two business days.

The wait is over. Students will now be able to choose between taking the ACT on paper or online at an ACT test center for faster results. 

How the New Options Matter to You

Students and Parents

Starting in September 2020, students will will have more choices than ever, plus greater confidence that the ACT test reflects their hard work, overall academic achievement, and potential for success.

Students should become familiar with the changes and what they mean for their college and career plan. Check out this webinar for more information specific to Students & Parents

Get more information on currently available ACT solutions for students and parents. 



Changes are coming to the ACT test! Need more information on testing options for your District? Or are you looking for National Test Date information? 

Explore the Counselor Toolkit from ACT to find the resources and information you need to prepare for the next school year. 


District Testing Customers

Heads up! The new options rolling out in September 2020 are specific to the ACT National Test Dates. They are not currently applicable to District and State customers. We’ll be announcing information on what’s coming for District Testing this summer. 

In the meantime, remind your staff of the four fee waivers now available for qualifying students and watch ACT’s webinar for K-12 professionals on the benefits of Section Retesting, Superscoring, and Online Testing.

Get more information on currently available K-12 Solutions from ACT.


Higher Education Professionals

When the ACT test changes go into effect, your understanding of the benefits will matter. Become informed so that when students have questions, you’ll have answers. Watch the ACT’s webinar for HED professionals. 

Get more information on currently available HED Solutions from ACT.

New Fee Waiver and Score Sending Policies

Currently, students who take the ACT National test with a fee waiver can send their ACT score reports to up to 20 score recipients for free. Beginning in September 2020, 20 free score reports will be available for students who have taken the ACT with a fee waiver so they may send their superscore or scores from any individual test, even those taken previously during the ACT National Test and State and District Test.  

ACT also now offers four fee waivers to all qualifying students. These students can choose how they apply the waivers to maximize their potential for success in retesting and test preparation. Counselors can request fee waivers on behalf of qualifying students. 

Leaders in Education Discuss New ACT Test Options

Watch as Dr. Tony Thacker (Alabama Assistant State Superintendent of Education and head of the Office of Evaluation and Innovation), and Phillip Jacobs (Tennessee Department of Education), provide their perspectives on the impact of ACT’s new test options. 

Why Superscoring is Important

Why Section Retesting is Going to Be Popular with Students

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