ACT Stack

A Comprehensive Platform for Employers to Validate Workplace Skills

The New World of Work Requires a New Set of Skills. Are Your Employees Keeping Up?

The world of work is changing. Advanced digital skills are more important than ever across industries and employment levels.  And yet 70% of employees report they have not mastered the skills necessary to do their jobs. And 80% lack the skills needed for both their current role and future work.1 Technology is advancing rapidly, the competition is fierce, but keeping your employees ahead of the game is in your control—with ACT® Stack™.

A Company Can Only Progress If Employees Are Doing the Same

People make the difference in business. Developing your employees’ skillset is one of the best investments you can make, because growing your existing talent improves the bottom line. When organizations make employee development a focus, they increase retention, reduce turnover, and improve outcomes for employees and the organization alike.

Unfortunately, training programs can be time consuming, costly, and rarely move the needle at the pace required to sufficiently upskill your employees. That’s where we come in.

Developed through a revolutionary partnership between ACT® and Aspiring Minds, ACT Stack delivers a comprehensive way for employers to validate skills. ACT Stack unlocks the ability for team members to demonstrate the critical skills required to be successful at your organization or determine areas for growth.

Assess, Certify, and Grow Your Workforce

Profile your most-needed job roles. Assess your talent pool. Empower your team with a nationally-recognized credential. 
All with ACT® Workforce Solutions.


Measure what matters with ACT®Tessera® Workforce. Soft skills are essential when it comes to hiring and retaining high-performing teams.


Featuring over 150 micro-assessments, our partnership with Aspiring Minds brings specialized industry-wide skills validation to ACT Stack.


ACT® Work Ready Communities empower states, regions, and counties with data, processes, and tools to strengthen their communities and local businesses. 

How it Works

With a testing user-interface (available in multiple languages) the ACT Stack platform comes with everything you need to begin measuring your employees’ core strengths. 

Cloud-Based Platform

Flexible, on-demand

Mobile Ready

Smartphones, tablets, computers


Browser controls, webcam proctoring, keystroke analytics

Robust Platform

Comprehensive setup, scheduling and reporting

ATS Integrations

Integrates with the most popular HRM applications

Custom Authoring

Create your own suite of assessments

Our Partnership with Aspiring Minds

AI-Powered Talent Development for ACT Stack

Aspiring Minds is one of the world’s leading assessment companies helping organizations, governments and institutions measure and identify talent. Their vision to level the playing field in education and employment directly aligns with ACT’s mission and values. Aspiring Minds works with over 3,000 corporations worldwide and is the third largest certifier on LinkedIn. Their AI-powered talent development tools bring over 150 micro-assessments to ACT Stack

Want to Know More About ACT Stack?

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