ACT Admissions Service

Describing the academic achievements of previous freshmen to help forecast the overall performance of future students.

Predicting Academic Performance

Information to Help Improve Admissions and Placement Decisions

While you can never know for certain how a prospective student will perform academically, quality information can help you better know what to expect.  

The ACT Admissions Service describes the academic achievements of previous first-year students and generates information that can help predict the academic performance of future applicants. It is offered free to postsecondary institutions that have at least 40 ACT-tested first-year students.

Use the ACT Admissions Service to help:

  • Advise and counsel individual students
  • Select applicants for scholarship and honors programs
  • Analyze grading practices of various academic departments to determine if there are differences and if they follow institutional policies
  • Check the effectiveness of the ACT for predicting your students' first-year academic success
  • Compare various student groups

The ACT Admissions Service helps you know more and plan better.

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The Condition of College and Career Readiness 2016

The number of ACT test takers continues to grow and be more diverse each year. In 2016, 64 percent of the US graduating class took the ACT. This report offers our annual look at college and career readiness and education plans for those students.

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Download The Condition of College and Career Readiness 2016 (PDF).

The ACT Test


The ACT test provides excellent information to help you recruit, advise, and retain students.

ACT Workkeys

Product Suite

ACT WorkKeys is a comprehensive program that aligns, builds and certifies the skills needed for workplace success.

ACT Engage College


Identify and assist students who are most likely to have academic difficulties or drop out during their first year.

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