ACT Certified Educator:
K-12 Schools and Districts

Certification that Supports Student Success through Professional Learning

Advance Your Talent Pool

Improve College and Career Readiness with Schoolwide Professional Learning

Professional Learning

Provide your educators with professional learning in a holistic understanding of the ACT® test. Educators will learn teaching strategies that advance students’ abilities to successfully master the core skills needed for college success.


One-day course and certifications:

  • The ACT Certified Educator Basics
  • ACT Certified Educator Writing
  • ACT Certified Educator Science

Two-day course and certifications:

  • ACT subject-specific courses includes the time provided to complete the assessments. Subject-specific certifications require the pre-requisite: ACT Certified Educator Basics credential.


  • ACT Certified Educator Basics - 9 Hours (1 day)
  • ACT Certified Educator English - 18 Hours (2 days)*
  • ACT Certified Educator Reading - 18 Hours (2 days)*
  • ACT Certified Educator Writing - 9 Hours (1 day)*
  • ACT Certified Educator Math - 18 Hours (2 days)*
  • ACT Certified Educator Science - 9 Hours (1 day)*

*To be eligible for certification, applicants are required to complete the ACT Certified Educator Basics course and pass qualification and certification assessments in the corresponding subject area.

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Benefits for Schools and Districts

  • Formalized Instruction
    Provide your school(s) with teachers who have formalized instruction. This program provides information for a better understanding of the ACT test, the research behind it, and what is assessed, with the goal to help students succeed on the assessment.
  • Boost ELA and STEM
    ELA and STEM teachers will learn the components of the test in their respective content areas as well as strategies they can integrate into their classroom instruction.
  • Elevate Scores
    Potential to elevate scores that may be used to rate and assess your school/district
  • Professional Credentials
    Educators earn professional credentials that reflect positively on the workplace.
  • Level the Playing Field
    Arm your educators with teaching and testing strategies they can integrate into their regular classroom instruction to meet the needs of all students.
  • Fulfill Continuing Education Requirements
    Provide a solution for educators to earn hours toward their requirements.

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