A Higher Standard for Extraordinary Students

Learn How This Oklahoma School Gave a Boost to Its Curriculum While Surpassing National ACT Test Scores


Weatherford High School 


Weatherford, Oklahoma 

When Weatherford High School administrators decided to reevaluate how the school integrated Oklahoma’s state testing standards in 2014, they knew they had an opportunity to better prepare students for the future. The district’s decision to implement ACT® Aspire® has not only dramatically increased its students’ ACT® test scores but has also made it possible to begin preparing students for success long before they enter high school. 

Thanks to ACT Aspire—the first digital, longitudinal assessment system to connect student performance with college and career readiness benchmarks from elementary to high school grade levels—Weatherford administrators have witnessed a surge in student test performance. In fact, Weatherford’s 2019 ACT Composite scores averaged 20.54, considerably exceeding both Oklahoma’s average score of 18.9 and the score averages of every state that tests 100% of its students. 

Nancy Hamilton, Weatherford’s Technology Student Information Specialist, was instantly attracted to ACT Aspire’s accessible structure and empirically based test design. “Our progressive board members wanted something with more consistency.” ACT Aspire made this consistency a reality, measuring student progress according to ACT’s College and Career Readiness Standards and evaluating benchmarks via a clear alignment structure. By measuring college and career readiness and making the district’s approach even more comprehensive, ACT Aspire exceeded the district’s assessment goals. 

“[ACT Aspire] pushes [the teachers] to work on improving the depth of questions and talk about problem-solving in all curriculum areas.” 

Nancy Hamilton, Technology Student Information Specialist 
Weatherford High School 


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